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The IHLA team works tirelessly to protect and promote the interests of the hotel and lodging industry in state and local governments throughout Iowa. As the leading voice for hospitality in Iowa, we advocate for legislation and regulations that promote hotel industry growth statewide. Each year, the IHLA develops a robust advocacy agenda to ensure that hotels can continue to serve as one of the state’s top economic engines, employers and tax generators.

Key Areas of IHLA Engagement:

  • Removing barriers for workforce growth and development
  • Reducing regulatory burden on hotels & lodging establishments
  • Ensuring guest and employee safety
  • Leveling the playing field with short-term rental platforms
  • Fighting back against any proposed hotel tax increases
  • Increasing funding for state and local travel promotion
  • Protecting government intrusion on hotel operations and our industry’s unique business model

Key Areas of AHLA Engagement: