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Member Benefit Programs

We know that every business is unique and that you have a very specific set of budget needs and goals. That’s why our team will guide you through a range of natural gas programs and help customize a program that fits your budget.

Benefits of Our Approach :

  • No upfront costs or monthly fees
  • Trouble-free enrollment
  • Customized for you
  • Team of experts

Our mission and history are what made us the industry leaders we are today. A lot has happened since we were created in 1983, but through the years our overall mission at SFM has remained constant. We are passionate about:

  • Helping employers maintain safe work environments
  • Restoring injured workers to health and productivity
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs
  • Providing the very best in customer service

West Bank provides full-service banking and trust services to consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses. First and foremost a community bank, West Bank has built a strong reputation for being responsive to local needs. West Bank employees place a high priority on community involvement, lending their time and talents to a long list of civic and community projects. From its humble beginnings in 1893, one thing has not changed. Every customer, from the smallest to the largest, deserves our full attention and top-notch customer service.

IHLA members can now provide telemedicine services including expert general medical services, mental health, dermatology, expert medical services and nutrition for $9 per month, per employee. Full and part-time employees are eligible for unlimited visits with $0 copays through this service.  What’s more, the $9 per month includes coverage for all members of the employee’s household including children, spouses and domestic partners. While this is not a replacement for group health insurance, it is a cost-effective way to provide high quality healthcare services to your employees. Available in Spanish and English.